Zion Family Care is a faith-based program focused on providing in-home care to struggling families. It recognizes that suffering is a part of this world and works with each family to ensure that their daily needs are not buried in struggle.

A lot of damage occurs when every day needs are overlooked due to circumstance. Children lose life-shaping experiences, marriages are strained, parents miss family milestones. There are individuals within our congregations that are struggling each day.

This is a calling to the loved ones and churches of those struggling. This is a calling to everyone who knows anyone. This is a calling to you. As you read this, does your mind wander to a family or a specific child? Do you know what is being done to help them? Do you know how they are standing through their challenges? What are they sacrificing in order to survive day to day? We are family, in Christ. We know we are responsible for those God loves. Is what we are doing enough?