Life is hard. Kids know, they see, they learn and they hurt. Most importantly, they grow.  Zion Family Care walks with youth; providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support in an integrative manner.

Zion Kids is an initiative that focuses on helping youth find purpose in Christ and His saving work.  Our approach recognizes the importance of working with youth in their everyday life environments (school, home, community) in order to get through their suffering.

Family Support Program: working with families in their home environment to help the children understand and prosper in their homes.

  • This support may involve helping a child who experiences high anxiety while preparing for school. Providing this child one-to-one support and a behavioral plan allows for the parent(s) to cater to the needs of other children without giving up family togetherness.
  • This support could be in place to help parents deal with sickness without requiring their children to be cared for by various families
  • This support could be errand assistance while a new mother cares for a colicky child.

Mentorship: one-on-one companionship and Christ-centered assistance through life's challenges. This program takes the companionship approach to caring for youth. It allows for open communication with what each individual chooses to be of value.

  • This support may involve a bible study with a child struggling with broken relationships.
  • Mentorship could be walking with a teenager living with Autism to the local grocery store and successfully purchasing ingredients to prepare a healthy meal
  • This could involve sitting down together with a ten-year-old to work through math homework

In-School Support Program: providing youth support in their school environment. Education is a huge part of our lives, why do we allow struggle to define it for so many children? This program is an alternative to school counseling and supports special education programs. Kids need to feel safe and supported as they grow.

  • Allows for children and youth to talk to a mentor about what they struggle with in any aspect of life.
  • Allows for tutoring opportunities outside of the home environment.